December 20th 2016

Hey mutants, the Specimens have demo'ed some of their album and are flyin' out to freeze their bollocks off in Europe on Monday 16th January. Last show beforehand is Friday 13th January with Cockfight Shootout, Peeping Tom and From Hell! Make sure you don't miss it... it'll be our first show in nearly four months so expect some exploding of limbs!

The Quick and Deaf is available through Forte Distribution UK...

October 8th 2016

Mutants! The Specimens euro tour has been postponed till Jan/Feb and some more shows will be announced soon. The Quick and the Deaf will be distributed through France, Germany, UK, all of Scandinavia, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy through Forte Distribution UK.

Just started demo'ing the new album and it's soundin' nice. Next show will be the Xmas Party show at Espy Front Bar on Fri Dec 16th. Exciting plans for new years eve, more news soon.

The Specimens

Wednesday 3rd August

The Corner with Birdman was a blast... special thanks to Tim Pittman who hooked us up with new and presale condos in Vancouver (webpage) so that we can have a place to stay during our visit. Stay tuned for more shows and Euro news...

Friday 22nd July

Hello humans,

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, things have been really flat out in camp Specimen. In between touring with Radio Birdman & The Gimmies (Japan) we have found some time to record a new track called 'Good Times Gone'. We recorded it ourselves on a old 8 track with a 1 Inch tape machine. It's going to be released as a Split 7" with The Blacklist. Due out on Stolen Records early September...

The Specimens will also be releasing a new single to Australian radio, called 'One Man Rampage' on the 25th of July. It will be the fourth single from taken from 'The Quick & The Deaf'. Would be great if you could drop by and give it a request/vote.

Good news also for fans in Europe, Scandinavia & the U.K. It's now looking like we will be arriving in November for about 6 - 8 weeks worth of shows after our session from the clinic of The Quick & The Deaf will be released in the U.K, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway & Finland on the 3rd of September.

The new guest book is up and running so make sure you drop by and leave us a message!!!
Looking forward to catching you at a show soon :0)


Thursday 26th May

Hey people, sorry about the delay in updates but we'd like to thank Tracey from Dog's Hind Leg and Lingerie in Huntington Beach for all the work she's done so far!

And special thanks to all who made it to the Espy on May 7th. Hope you enjoyed the (shortish) set!! 

At the moment we've started tracking for a new album and make sure you check out the upcoming Sydney shows.

Also, we're happy to announce some of our next 3 shows will be with Radio Birdman!
Saturday 2nd July at The Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Friday 29th July at Barwon Club in Geelong and Saturday 30th July at The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. Check out TOURING for more details!

Thursday 16th April

Well it's been a long time betweeen websites/drinks/sets and we're finally back up and running. Thanks to those who have been patient in waiting for this site to be up and running, and special thanks to Cam Morton for putting it together. Like they say, Rome wasnt built in a fuckin' day!

The Specimens have a lot planned for this year and have just completed a national tour with Infidelity label mates The Cants and Kamikaze Trio. The tour was great, there was lots of loud R&R and man-love a'plenty. We played to some great audiences across the country and Brisbane and melbourne being 2 of our fave's...we'll have footage of our show at Ding Dong and it will be downloadable from this site, very soon so stay tuned.

Our album released last last year The Quick and the Deaf has been getting a great response, not only here but overseas too. Currently we're preparing for Europe and hopefully will be taking off around mid-September thru Paperclip Agency (The Netherlands) and our album is due to be released thru INFIDELITY/Cargo later in the next couple of months.

We have started spending some time demo'ing new tracks for a new single and eventually another album. Stay tuned for more website updates over the next couple of weeks, we are still kinda under-construction. We are also still busy as of the moment since we are still settling our papers with Vancouver New Condos.

R.I.P Billy Wolf: Sadly, bass player Billy from legendary japanese garage-punkers Guitar Wolf passed away recently and best wishes to all that knew and loved him. '